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I am happy that PCB is not sending it's players. Now we the fans, who were embarassed by LK's actions, won't have to feel guilty about giving mixed signals to PCB over the past year about touring Pakistan.

Even if we had backed out on earlier promises with PCB, everyone knows that the situation is far from ideal over there. We have legitimate reason to fear about going there. While promises were made for personal gains of a certain individual there was no bad intent to damage Pakistan cricket from our side.

We are eager to play international cricket with quality sides like Pakistan but we also have to take into account that lives of our cricketers cannot be put at risk. Us touring for a short series would have only been viewed as a goodwill gesture and not as an improvement of ground realities.

What PCB did before BPL was purely to damage our cricket because they deliberately waited till the last moment to ensure we couldn't find adequate replacements. In BPL 1 we welcomed their players and gave them the respect and the value from our resources. Something that they don't get from leagues like IPL. It was a platform for them to showcase their skills also and in effect make our league more competitive. There was no security concern or any other issue for them to not give NOC to their players so imo they have also lost their moral high ground on this issue (if they had any to begin with)
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