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Originally Posted by One World
Interesting that we are behind Pakistan after all the turmoil they are going through by a large eye-soaring margin. But, the video in the post before the above really made me enjoy the light in the end of the tunnel.

During his long stay in pre-Berlin wall West Germany, my dad used to lament his experience with European media generally with horror and disgust as every time there channels will show flooded Bangladesh with homeless people looking for food and shelter strayed around en masse. At least the media showing somewhat the same only the atonement is totally opposite.
I for one hope we never go down the Indian route where the 20 percent or so middle class forgets about the 50 or so percent that are living their life in misery (corruption, poverty, hunger, sanitation, natural disasters etc) and only paint a picture that is dishonest and delusional. We need others to actually show us the true picture, the poorest 5 percent in the most developed countries live a far better life than most of our citizens.
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