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Originally Posted by Max100
make all rules clear:payment,foreign player quota should be 4, so we get to see more local. still alauddin babu and lots others didnt get a chance to play.
You are right. We got to get the basics right. And it starts with, "Hey lets start to pay people on time". Thats the most basic thing you can possibly do. Not paying people for their hard work is a "crime", punishable by law!! Seriously.

The second thing we should do is hire professionals with business management skills, people with MBA's and Marketing degrees to run the show. After all, BPL is a business venture. However, it doesn't seem like it. There is mismanagement and lack of glamour. Perhaps hire someone from the States?

BPL 2 seems worse than BPL 1. Thats because people ran out of excuses for their failures!! BCB can no longer say, "This is the First Second time we are holding such a big event, we are bound to make mistakes".
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