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Originally Posted by Leafs PWN
Probably gonna be a goalfest in the Pens-Leafs game like most cases. Randy installed a good defensive system that seems to work so far, but I'm not too confident about its effectiveness against the Pens. Doubt any system is good enough for Crosby/Malkin unless you have Chara, Weber, and Suter on your team. We're probably gonna have to score 4 to win this one.

Question for Beamer bhai - who do you think is better, Malkin or Crosby? From a pure talent point of view, I think Malkin is the better one. When he's on he makes NHLers look like beer leaguers. Crosby does that too, but not at the same extent as Malkin.
If you asked me that two years ago, I would say, Crosby - hands down. Right now, its not even close. Malkin is the man. Sid is off his game. Two years of absence will do it. His timing is off. His mind is there, but hands not quite there. Hopefully its sooner than later. I am not sure he will ever get his goal scoring touch back, but I will not bet against that guy. Right now, he is back checking like a demon, and for the first time he has asked to be on the PK unit. He is winning draws, and the sight of him on PK is scaring people, though he hasn't done much to scare them off !

Goalfest it is tonight ! I told you Leafs ( Kessel in particular ) always give us trouble. I won't be surprised one bit if they spoil our home opener.

What Malkin has done to James Neal is pure legendary. I swear the way he is setting him up is almost Mario esque..
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