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Originally Posted by Habib
Atleast it's clear now that why Riyad and Sujon should never be BD team's captain and coach respectively. After DG, CK has the best line up for crying out loud and they perform like this
Exactly. Sujon is an idiot, otherwise why would someone have Naaem Islam in their playing XI and on top of that, let him open the innings. It's not a test match FFS. And Riyad is equally guilty for being his pet. He's always been like that, too meek, too goody-goody boy. There's no denying he has improved a lot as a player and adds a lot of value into the BD team (mostly in ODI & Test), but he still lacks a character. He won't be able to go against the coach or convince him even if he wanted something else.

KM Sujon accused others of favoritism, but i think he's the one who should be guilty of it. He always prefers certain players. Mehrab Jr. and Naeem Islam in T20? I would take a blind slogger like Aftab over them anyday.
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