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Originally Posted by mufi_02
I repeat - he played well and deserves the applause and so do you for sticking with him as a fan.

But sorry I can't compare Tamim with SN. The two are miles apart. SN was a good player years ago but now he has just lost it. Look at the way he struggled in tests vs WI. If he scores few more 50s in BPL, then only and only then selectors should consider him for SL tour. Otherwise, there are many more players waiting in the sideline.

I'm not much of a SN fan but I believe TI can learn a lot from watching the way SN's batted today. Also you mentioned TI in New Zealand so if he faced some good bowlers there then the BPL bowlers should not be too much of a problem for him and he should be scoring at least 50 every game.
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