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Originally Posted by Leafs PWN
Well that was fun to watch Kulemin had his best game in 2 years tonight. Looked like his 30 goal self again. JVR used his opportunities well, and Kesseled that one bad turnover. Overall, the Leafs did a good job of limiting the scoring chances, and Reimer made some good saves. Although that first goal was inexcusable.

Pittsburgh looked sluggish aside from a couple bursts of pressure. Gino especially looked bad with multiple turnovers.

Hope this is a sign of things to come for my Leafs. Just some hope and nothing more
You should be very optimistic. I said about Leafs last year that they have great speed and good young wingers. It was evident again last night. I was not surprised because Leafs always play us well here. Defense looked good and Randy C knows about defense, being a former Norris winner himself ( ding ding? what team ?? ha ha ) .

Crappy play from Pens. Too much east west stuff. Got picked up and boom the other way. Second line was bad. Geno, Neal and Mr. clueless Tangradi were repeat offenders. The one goal lead in first was against the run of play and eight mins of penalty ( 5 on 3 included ) in a row in second crushed every thing. Geno sat on bench cold in that span, and came off the bench and turned it over right away. Some of the boarding calls were really confusing, but no way that was the reason we lost. We never got up for the game, as often is the case vs Leafs and Isles. Hopefully, this was just one bad game.

Only positive was Crosby looking a bit better than the previous two games. On to 'Peg on Friday night..
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