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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
Pilot was a good keeper at his time. His gloves work was not bad. But I dont think his keeping was much better than Mushy.At that time hardly we had good bowling.
brings up a good point, pilot might have looked a good keeper, but at the same time he was keeping to pacers who bowled around 115kph, maybe 120kph for a lot of his career. mushy has consistently beeing keeping to bowlers bowling 125kph+ with a ceiling of high 140kph (rubel). so mushy has had a tougher job, and despite his simple mistakes he is very dynamic and explosive behind the stumps. now we go on about mushy's height being a bad thing and yes it can make a difference but mat wade is a short bloke and aside from ian healy's recent comments he's been quite a decent keeper for a good number of years in australian domestic cricket, no one ever says he's too short to be a keeper.
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