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Originally Posted by nadim 98
Whats up with his fielding? Also, he needs to stop trying to whack every single ball at midwicket boundary. It's not haram to score runs on the off side...

Won't last long if he doesn't use his head
he's a bits n pieces player trying to become a batsman who can bowl a bit. i don't want to get into an argument about his bowling ability, he might have bowling ability but it isn't used enough due to previous injuries so really imo it's not a point of discussion imo, unfortunate for him and maybe BD but that's just how it is. he has massive issues to work on with his batting. there are soo many more batsmen in BD that have greater batting talent than him. he's strong, i'll give him that and i'll even admit that not many BD batsmen have the sort of power he possesses, but that doesn't make him a great batsman and an auto pick for the national team. he has a plus point to his name for power but there are soo many other things he needs to work on to be a long term success internationally. he needs to have more scoring area's off quality bowling, he needs to be able to bat in different gears a bit better, he needs to be able to score singles if he can't hit a boundary off the ball. one of my major issues with zia is the amount of balls he wastes when he simply doesn't connect with the ball because he's trying to hit it out of the park. i don't care if he still ends with a great strike rate, not connecting with the ball means you're missing out on runs, so basically he could make a lot more runs than he does by connecting a bit more often and that's an area he really needs to work on imo.
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