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You know all these critics are not wrong. Its been 12 years since we got our test status, and sadly we havent progressed much. We may have had world class coaches, but did we ever listen to them? Our cricket has always been at the mercy of politicans, businessmen who has no knowledge of the game. And any role or association they have with BCB is for their ego rather than the good of the game. No visionary leadership, no long term strategic plan, nothing. Every new person will come with his own agenda and undo predecessors work. We hire CEO's, but the president interferes with all affairs including selection. Story of our cricket!

But on a positive note, 2012 has probably been one of our best years. Impact of BPL is clearly visible. BCB have also understood the importance of first class cricket. Now lets hope we get hold of a good head coach to help us improve in 2013.

Btw no matter what Syd Barret and Boycott say, Bangladesh will continue to play test cricket. Cricket is struggling, it cannot compete with other mainstream sports. Removing a country with one of the largest fan bases is not going to do any good to the game. So as they say in Sri Lanka they can go fly a kite.
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