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Originally Posted by jeesh

Btw no matter what Syd Barret and Boycott say, Bangladesh will continue to play test cricket. Cricket is struggling, it cannot compete with other mainstream sports. Removing a country with one of the largest fan bases is not going to do any good to the game. So as they say in Sri Lanka they can go fly a kite.
Is this really true? If fans don't afford to buy a ticket worth $2.5-5 for a Match... Should we count that fan base ? I mean does that fan base really really have any impact on the game?

See what's happening with the fan base in BPL? And that seems to be the only plus point we tend to boast of/exploit in our fav...i don't find that justified.

There is no shortcut to playing good cricket, for the cricket to survive in BD. everything else is quiet irrelevant at this point.
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