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PLs aint much about class cricket, on the contrary last CLT20 match results reflect lots about it, when it was about winning it than showing it Stars falls. Foreign stardom is very needed to bring this entertainment show into financially successful one. Since India & Pakistan choosed the option to boycott BPL, organisers needs to set a different standard here for these perforrmers to give exposer of new Star power. We cant neither dance with Tendulkar nor can appear at gallery with "Marry me Afridi" placard. Those stardoms are not sellable to us anymore. We got no option but create new ones here, like BPL1 managed to provide with Gayle & few other Pakistanis.
For this some over-rating may trigger; but If few Afgans talents are slowly managing to acquire it, I cant see much problems but good for the overall league lucrativity with diversity. It should be noted that, All these wont change the minnow status of the respective performer's country of origin outside but in inside who are watching it will have better judgement of these players. BPL needs to keep continuing creating such Stars along with locals, for what I dont mind if they go to Namibia or new Guinea.
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