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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Even if I accept that for the sake of it, then thats not a unique USP to keep us in elite group. It's over 12 years and high time that we justify being a part of it through our cricket, rather than such irrelevant justifications.....
Buddy, interest in cricket is dwindling. Today there is a lot of EPL craze in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan which wasnt there 5-7 years ago. And this will continue to grow. Kids are no longer growing up only wanting to be the next Tendulkar-there is severe competition from other sports. T20 sort of revived the game but the longer versions are still under risk.

Dont judge by the number of people at the stadium solely. How many people are watching on their television screens. How many people are reading newspaper, going to cricket websites. How many kids are willing to play the sport. It all counts. You cant knock out Bangladesh without taking a big hit at the sport. Which is why ICC will think twice

But you are absolutely right, we cant rest with this in mind. We have to improve and silence the critics. But after a long time we pushed two test matches to Day 5 one of which we could have won. Quite an improvement from the days where it was all over on Day 3. The more competitive domestic cricket we play the better we ll get.
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