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Originally Posted by Rifat
Bro ,

This is the exact reasoning and sentiment behind his inclusion in the recently concluded tests versus West Indies. Experience matters in Tests, hence Management thought he was the best option. he did manage to score 20s/30s but it was hardly impressive as he repeatedly got out in similar fashion.
It happens when someone is out of form...and he was not in the team for a long time. If an experienced guy like him can get back his form its far better than asking a new guy, who has ot to go through the entire process...

Guys like Mominul will take ages to get this level of maturity. New guys look fine, until they are worked out by opponents to exploit their weaknesses... Cricket is a old game and a newcomer to get settled at that level takes reasonable time even for more established nations. We have no reason to believe our guys are different. So, it's always better to stick to technically correct experienced guys and help them to improve.
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