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Originally Posted by BANFAN
It happens when someone is out of form...and he was not in the team for a long time. If an experienced guy like him can get back his form its far better than asking a new guy, who has ot to go through the entire process...

Guys like Mominul will take ages to get this level of maturity. New guys look fine, until they are worked out by opponents to exploit their weaknesses... Cricket is a old game and a newcomer to get settled at that level takes reasonable time even for more established nations. We have no reason to believe our guys are different. So, it's always better to stick to technically correct experienced guys and help them to improve.
not many BD batsmen are technically correct brother, the youngsters tend to have better technique and also are more consistent (proven in domestics) and seem to handle the rigours of international cricket a bit better (look at newer recent young guns like sohag, anamul, nasir etc and also look at the ages of guys like tamim, shakib and mushy when they arrived to the international scene). how many BD players who are experienced have comeback into the team in the last 7 or so years and been successful? pretty much the most successful BD players are the ones who have come into the team young and stayed there rather than the ones who've been in and out of the team.

if we're going to back one older player why not back them all? we can bring back SN, ash, aftab, kapali. they've all had some sort of success at the international level but that doesn't mean they should always be chosen over young players on the rise who have earned there way and proven to be better in domestics.

personally i'd rather go for a young player who has out performed an experienced older player (who has failed internationally) in domestics and give them a shot in the national team. also experienced players should be dominating long term in domestics to have any chance of selection for the national team, otherwise they're just not worth it imo.

let's leave tests and t20s out of this because really, you can use career stats to make a judgement on that because in tests you're always facing quality opponents and in t20s it really doesn't matter that much.

SN's career ODI average is 31.44, he has 4 tons, and 13 half tons from 75 innings. if you take out minnows and also zimbabwe but leave in all of the other test playing nations then his average drops to 18.56 with no tons and only 5 half tons from 41 innings. that's a huge difference. BD are doing a lot better against the top teams these days and are playing them more often so you can really see where SN is at imo.

also as far as guys like mominul taking ages to get settled, that may be the case but at the same time i strongly believe that guys like mominul will pretty much begin their careers at the level SN has shown over his international career. i mean SN averages 26 in test, of course it is just my own opinion but i reckon if you gave mominul 10-15 tests he'd average better than that...and he has more potential than SN to, which makes him a better investment for BD cricket.
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