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Originally Posted by Jadukor
If the 2008 constitution is upheld then what does this mean for us in terms of ICC rules? As far as I understand we cannot have a government appointed president for BCB right?
can someone dumb it down for me?
In order to conform to ICC directives, the BCB EGM had made some changes last March that needed to be signed-off on by the NSC. What the EGM had suggested was to elect the president (currently appointed) by the councillors who include members of various clubs, districts, divisions, some institutions and ex-players with voting rights. NSC changed the proposed constitution by having teh BCB president elected by the directors. Additionally it also increased the number of directors it selected from one to three, therefore increasing the influence the government can have on the election of the president. Other than the one NSC selected director, the BCB remaining 23 directors are elected.
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