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Default Things you feel you are good at, but not got the chance to prove it till now.

Everyone dreams to be a super hero in a certain junction of life. Or as it portrays in the film. In our dream or fascination we feel we may be good at something else, we are in this world with a certain mission to be fulfilled. But this harsh life tears us into pieces. Some finds out his actual job in this world and succeed but others get himself into tangle with work for money and dream.

Lets discuss about the things we feel we are good at, in fantasy or in real life but not got the chance to prove it till now.

To start up with, i always felt myself to be a very good teacher, i have a unique way of teaching others and i could mix with others while teaching them anything. Though i was not a top rated student but all my class mates always used to gather around me before exams and they acknowledged for getting marks. However not got the chance to teach after graduation and now doing job for money and studying alongside, hopefully after phd will catch my fascination.
Other than this i highly regard myself as a great leg spinner but never got the chance out of school cricket due to strictness of parents.
A famous drum bitter, but hold on! lots of sound so never got the courage to tell anyone.

In my short stay i could understand that most of the members here are highly educated and successful but there are always a junction in life where you had to choose one. What is the other one and the morale behind that if any? Or the fantasy you carry out. The super hero inside you. I guess most of us have a common dream of becoming jackie chan or shakib especially after his marriage
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