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Should be 5 ODI matches we don't play enough simple as that. If we can beat West Indies and New Zealand in a 5 match series then Sri Lanka won't be a problem. Also no matches held at Colombo? but seriously, these long gaps between International series is ridiculous and needs to be changed. Hopefully we can beat Sri Lanka and show that this Bangladesh team is certainly going on the right track and remove that minnow tag.

Well since Irish and Afghanistan players are doing quite well in BPL 2, might as well arrange games with them and play to keep us busy. I heard plans that Ireland will be asking Bangladesh to play an ODI series later in the year and I don't want to see Bangladesh refuse it. It would be a good thing considering we won't be playing in that meaningless dead ICC Trophy. I would like to see one day Bangladesh take on Afghanistan in a T20 and ODI series so that both teams can get the experience required.

That reminds me after that Sri Lanka tour, Bangladesh head straight to Zimbabwe for another full series but I really hope they raise the test series to 3 matches because both teams really need as much Cricket as possible.

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