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We are struggling in Test Cricket simply because 1 we don't take our first class structure seriously. 2 we don't play regular test matches and have long gaps. 3 we do not alter and mix some of our Cricket pitches some slow and low and others fast and bouncy. 4 we don't have good pacers and our batsman don't get to face them as much especially quality ones. So we can see there are a few problems with Bangladesh in the long form but no doubt we are improving and that's the best way to go about it right now.

Tier systems won't work because 1 there are not enough teams playing at the highest level and 2 money talks so it won't happen and such a system should've happened at least 30 years ago. Stripping Bangladesh of test status will never happen or suspending our status like Zimbabwe won't change anything because we don't play as much tests compared to the big teams so no harm from us anyway.

Also do not forget that this current Bangladesh team is completely new compared to the old Bangladesh team between 00-05 so the stats can be a bit manipulating. The players back then no disrespect most of them were amateurish and had other professions.

When we tour Sri Lanka and can somehow make an impressive showing even win it then we can safely say this Bangladesh team is going in the right direction for once or finally
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