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Originally Posted by Beamer
They are indeed playing well. Throw in Tampa and Boston in East too. However, its too early in season. All teams will go through mini slumps or major hot streaks at some point. I would rather go in playing hot towards the end before playoffs.
Yep, that would be the best time to get hot. I remeber Leafs teams with Sundin used to get hot at the end, and win some ridiculous amount of games in the last 25 to only miss the playoffs by a 1 or 2 points

That one year (05?) where the Devils won in shootout in the last game to kick the Leafs out of the 8th will be etched in my memory forver. Worst feeling ever

Montreal has been the most surprising to me. They played like utter crap agaisnt us, and then go on to a 3-0 record. You can tell how much difference a healthy Markov makes to that team. Having a top three like Markov/Subban/Gorges with Price in net pretty awesome. If Galchenyuk can keep producing, they might not do so bad this year.

A question for Sohel bhai - do you see Nyquist outproducing Franzen in the next 2-3 years? I was wondering whether to do a deal for Franzen around Nyquist in one of my keeper leagues.

Also, if you guys are up for it, maybe we can do an ESPN fantasy league for BC hockey enthusiasts. Something like 8 F - 4D - 2G shouldn't take too long to draft.
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