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Our pacers are okay but nothing special. Our pacers at this moment are fine in limited overs, their averages speak for themselves and are good but its Test Cricket where our pacers struggle and just can't seem to get 3-5 wickets per innings therefore averaging well over 50 which is poor.

I have never seen our pace bowlers in Test Cricket aiming for the batsman body, hitting the seam consistently or whatever the basics of what a fast bowler should know and do. Whether we like it or not, we have to make do with the fast bowlers we currently have and should consider ourselves lucky that are not that bad but okay but really, prefer to see a cluster of top quality express fast bowlers in the team but there's not much evidence that we are anywhere close to finding one.

Injuries is another major concern for our fast bowlers which is why it would be wise to rotate our bowlers so they are not picking up injuries for example, Rubel and Abul in 1st test match then 2nd test match, Rubel and Mashrafe then ODI Shafiul and Nazmul etc etc. I would also like to see these fast bowlers of ours eating a proper diet and someone like Shafiul working on his physique so he can increase his average speed of 79mph to about 82mph.

But if we really want to sort out our pace bowling then we need to create proper fast bowling programs, academies etc and change some of our pitches so we can encourage players who want to become fast bowlers which btw isn't easy.
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