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Originally Posted by cricheart
Dont know how you find it negetive. BCB cant multitask, you cant change it, neither expect it after whatever Richard has to say. Knowing yourself well, BCB better keeps her membrains busy on BPL with higher priority and helps it to be successful without Pakistani players, its allready huge challenge than a tour which is due to start next month can be handled without Richard even. Like he said, BCB cant run Ferrari with water but surely can afford some desi kerosine.

I wasn't talking about the Politics I agree its bad but I was talking about our Cricket team and tired of hearing our players will just fail and all that, this is a completely new Bangladesh team now more confident on how to go about their business on the field. These Sri Lankan youngsters are probably not much different to our youngsters so we have a pretty decent chance of winning. If its because these matches are going to be AWAY therefore we fail or something totally disagree. Some of our players travelled to SLPL and performed very well over in Sri Lanka so I don't think they will struggle right from the start.
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