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Richard McInnes
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Wow, some quotes have got people excited and interested in what is going on. Lets not jump up and down too much. What i did say in the interview, which underpinned the rest of it was that the issues and solutions, importantly the solutions to making BD a strong cricket nation, are systemic and wont be fixed with small changes in focus, or staff here and there.

A range of good coaches and staff have been here in the past yet the results, while improving slightly from time to time, dont show significant signs of consistent improvement. I am passionate about cricket in Bangladesh and do believe that with lots of effort and some smart leadership, they have sufficient strengths (population, love of the game, public support, talent) to be one of the stronger nations in the world. But for that to occur it requires some strong leadership and honesty from people who are in the system to make a change. The easy option for me is to sit quietly, take my salary and just put up with things, spend two years here and the place will be the same as it was when i arrived and maybe was in 2003. I want to have an impact here and make a difference to cricket here and by being honest and up front, i hope to do this.

It should also be made very clear, that everything i have discussed here as been raised with senior management and various directors at the BCB, so there is nothing new in these comments.

Lets hope that we can make some improvements and see a strong BD team emerge in a few years time.
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