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Richard McInnes
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Originally Posted by MohammedC
Thank you coach. Just one question.

Why say no to Dal and Baath? (Rice and Lentils)
haha, basically, training athletes need more protein, as they are constantly damaging and rebuilding muscle fibres. The muscle fibres require protein to regenerate and become stronger, without it they dont improve and dont recover as well, hence training intensity, quality and volume is reduced. Likewise with performance in matches, particularly Test matches, where you may be in the field for a day and half.

Lentils are 9% protein and rice contains 2% protein, where as a piece of chicken contains 31% protein. Obviously it costs more, yes, but if you are investing in players, coaches and gym equipment then you need to invest in the fuel. Hence my analogy about owning a ferrari or BMW and trying to put water in the tank, because its less expensive than petrol.

I sense you probably knew that, but i am sure someone will find that interesting.
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