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Originally Posted by Navo
It really boggles the mind to hear that our players don't get enough meat and eggs (?!) Forget National Team players, I would think the players in the A Team, Academy Team, even the DPL Teams (dunno about NCL...) would get paid enough to afford rice-lentils-veg-chicken/rice-lentils-veg-fish on a regular basis? I live in Dhaka and while the price of basic food stuffs has certainly increased over the past few years, the sums that these above mentioned players get paid (or at least what we read about in the newspapers) seems to be sufficient to ensure a comfortable living!
Lol thats what I was thinking, I thought the coach was just generalizing our meal and I assumed they had some meat and fish somewhere in there, but it seems like he literally just means rice and dal is all they eat (what kind of meal is that, barely any taste or is it filling!)
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