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I think there's a huge practice of letting people with conflict of interest in BCB. I don't have any substantial proof but knowing how most things run in our country, the same people who run BCB are some what involved in BPL committee and are also part owners of BPL teams. There are no contracts because when the same party runs everything why bother; hence the complicacy. Everything runs on verbal "are bhai shob thik hoye jabe" promise.

How embarrassing is this? Again and again we prove to the world what worthless board and how incompetent our admin and therefore our country is. If you don't have money why do you even start this league? Why would BCB let any team take part in BPL if they haven't paid their 25% prior to the league? If they did allow them then BCB should take full responsibility and pay the players and then go after the franchise. Didn't BCB say they will guaranty payment this time around? Why embarrass the nation and it's people? There's nothing good comes out of this country; only shame for it's people.
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