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Originally Posted by Spiderman
If we are looking for a coach then it might as well be a Bangladeshi i.e the current Syhlet Royals coach because a Bangladeshi coach can communicate effectively with the players and the players will understand their role much better might as well try and give it a go
Not sure u can base a T20 few matches success as a gauge for having a national head coach from a franchise!

The reasons a BD coach should be local is that the foreign coaches get too frustrated in BD with the ways of what happens and doesn't happen. It isn't about communication with players therefore, it is about being allowed to do your role effectively.

Fans put far too much faith in a Head Coach and far too little in the players. SJ will get dropped just as fast as he was hired as a stand in, if the team doesn't do very well. It's just the way things are and I see foreign coaches wanting less and less to have that experience.
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