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Originally Posted by Dhakablues
These never happens in club cricket,, why? Because in clubs, there are efficient management system that take cares of these issues before they come this far.. We gave franchises to Shihab Trading, Some Sports shops, unknown buisnessmen who NEVER knew how to run sports team or value cricketers.. They think players are like suppliers, raj mistri that they can pay the bill someday and best if you can avoid it.. .
Lack of experience and professionalism is evident here.

Originally Posted by Dhakablues
BPL should be stopped and banned. Period. should avoid and stop publishing news about this scam leage...Its an embarrasment for the country. I honestly am not interested in the matches anymore and more concerned with how Bangladesh and our players are going to be looked at after this. Owasis Shah is lying, Mushfique is lying, Tamim was paid in full, Ian got paid... all are bunch of crooks and scammers playing with Bangladesh reputation.
Can't agree here banning BPL. Instead BCB should make it right.
We need a honest and visionary leader at BCB who will bring professionalism and accountability and work on developing cricket infrastructure rather making fortune for themselves.
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