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Originally Posted by kalpurush
I don't smoke at all r_s bhai!

The dead line was changed to January 31 to pay the 1st installment.

Why Isam bhai did not report it before January 16? As there is a new dead line, shouldn't we wait to make a judgment? What if Shah is being paid today?

We all talk crap about BPL. Do you know that Players were not paid by IPL franchise for almost a year? I am not saying BCB is perfect, we all know how crap is BCB!!

What I am saying is reports in CricInfo about Bangladesh is NOT neutrally written lately rather bashing. Do you know that Nafees made a ton in BPl? CricInfo never made it a headline? Why?? You know the answer, don't you?
No denying the flaws that exist in BCB and BPL owners, however I do feel you are correct in assuming that we get a lot more negative publicity than we deserve. I would not have complained if the reports were unbiased and even publicesed the accomplishments.
It is common sense that if the same owners did not pay the players and managemenr the first time than they would not have come to participate in the league again.
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