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Originally Posted by betaar

Isam isn't lying, he is simply stating the fact. This attitude "if a writer or a commentator is from BD should always praise BD or hide the fact" is none other than self-fulfilling behavior and does nothing for our cricket or image. If Isam doesn't wite it some one else will just like Dobell did here:

Changing the deadline again and again is also not an ideal situation when players play to get paid, is it? Utter unprofessionalism is in display by BCB deteriorating the image of the country.
I am questing the timing of the report here. The deadline (whatever it is 3rd or 30th) is 31st January. Why do you report today?

Why didn't you write after the 1st deadline? That could have helped BCB to take actions to solve the payment issues earlier without making a big fuss.
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