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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
Dear coach thanks for your comments. Siddons+Ian+Julian combination worked really good for our cricket. May be he is not a bad batting coach But Siddons was never ever a good head coach. Still BCB has continued him for around 4 years. To me it was enough for Siddons and we have shown enough respect to him as per his caliber. Siddons was sacked this word also looks a bit harsh on me,rather BCB did not renew his contract for 2nd time.
It is actually since the sacking of JS that you can see the downward issues over the coaches.

JS wanted to stay, Julien Fountain wanted to stay (and agreed with a handshake to Lotus, only to be replaced by Jason Swift when Julien left to attend his dying father), and I would have stayed if the contract had been a different one.

So the BCB had those opportunities, but chose for a variety of reasons to break up the JS-JF-IP coaching arrangement that was genuinely building momentum.

It isn't for me to say whether the fast bowling has gone up or down since, whether the fielding has improved or not, or whether the head coaches have made a huge difference as JS did for Shakib and Tamim.... but the problems now being suffered can be traced back to the sacking of JS onwards
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