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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Third generation Russian Technology... hmm... was Cheronobyl first or second generation?

the article also says the Russians would take back the nuclear waste under the agreement. So where will the waste be stored meanwhile and how will this waste be transported to Russia?
As far i know there are 4 units, of which 3 and 4 are of 2nd generation and 1 & 2 are of 1st generation, rooppor will have state of the art technology. and nuclear wastes are not produced that frequently like our household wastes. special air crafts can do the job. there can be another possibility all the wastes can be transferred to the outside orbit of the earth from russia :p. actually these are all unknown and they haven't disclosed so far..

there are long and huge articles about these, i just skimmed out the best part we all should know about our probable first nuclear plant.. its past and future...
We have to switch to nuclear today or tomorrow, i have a thesis paper on power challenge for sustainable future in perspective of bangladesh where i proved it so, And the nuclear fuel and technologies we will be using here, in no way we can produce nuclear weapon, this is a broad topic i may discuss later.

There are many uncertainties yet... and many aspects which are not disclosed to us.... lets hope for the best
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