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Originally Posted by NoName what you just wrote, you are defending Shakib over the same thing Owais has done. First of all, everyone was due to be paid 25% before the tournament started, Shakib didn't get paid so he was rightfully vocal. Secondly, I highly doubt he got paid as of yet because, or anyone in the team, because this whole problem affects DG entierly, and he probably didn't expect otherwise. Owais Shah didn't get paid, and we are halfway through the tournament he has the right to be vocal, you don't seem to be making a fuss over Shakib (it doesn't matter if it was before or after, it is even worse they aren't even paid yet), but over Owais and explicitly stating he is Pakistani. So what? Stop with the conspiracies ,they are not all out to sabotage the tournament.
Dont take it otherwise bro. Just fix it in the mind for a while- These payment issues were bound to happen anyway. I aint questining for right or wrong anymore as long as its about BCB & BPL. My question is if players aint paid yet, why they are playing right now, istead of being vocal like this Pakistani bloke, O Shah. Why not join him and boycott the whole league?
Atleast It does give you different perspective, aint it? Much better than shooting the messenger, who is btw of our own.
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