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And to think that IPL increases players ability, wrong!! Pakistan isnt playing in IPL or have their own T20 league but due to their very strong domestic infrastruure, they are still one of the best teams. West Indies do have T20 league but it isnt as flashy as Indian ones.. So the question becomes, other generating money for the teams, BCCI and players.. did it actually do any good for the quality of the game or the national teams? I seriously doubt it..

Yeah, Ravindo Ashwin getting 2.00 million dollars is a good thing but he is by no means a better player than Grayemm Swann or Syed Ajmal or even Shohag Gazi for that matter.. So, seriously, BD players not being in IPL hurts our players finances ( BTW they do get more money than any other star sportsmen in the country) but it matters less on BD team as a whole.. my 2 cents
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