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Originally Posted by mufi_02
^ too late for this season. With a 16-30 record, and Boston and 76ers fighting for the no. 8 spot, it will be very hard for them.

It's the year for the Knicks
I agree, it will be very tough for us this year. We are 6.5 games behind the Celtics with a good 6ers team well ahead of us. However, without Rondo, I don't see Boston keeping up such a healthy lead over the other teams. I expect that lead to come down to about 4ish games just because of the lack of Rondo. If Gay works out, and Bargnani plays avg (or gets shippd out for Gasol ), it might be more doable than you think.

However, I hope we miss the playoffs this year - then OKC can get our pick this year (via Houston for Harden, from Lowry deal) in a weak draft, where will be out of the top 5 for sure.

Next year, a starting 5 of Lowry-Gay-DeRozan-Bargs-Valenciunas seems like a pretty good one for the East. Now if we can find a decent backup PG (looking at you Barea), and Gasol/other competent PF, I'd be a lot more confident in making the playoffs.
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