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Originally Posted by BANFAN
A party's agenda isn't a law yet. And if the people vote them that should mean that people approve that. A democracy shall be by the people, for the people and of the people...woy get glued to what the founding father wanted for that matter. And even we aren't clear what the founding father wanted after he declared BAKSHAL...

Secondly, if a party in power has to make such major changes in the constitution, that has to go through a referendum. And the people will accept or reject the idea. So being a democracy, I don't find that we have any scope of banning an ideology on anticipation of a future violation or amendment!!

I personally, don't like politics basing on religion, but I think taking un democratic actions against them will make the problem more complex and harm our democracy further. Let the people decide.

We all know that, it's an Awami politics of hatred and there is hardly anything good which can come out from such politics of hate. If Zamat gets a ban for being Islamist, then even the communist parity should be banned for having a state of no religion, while constitution only guarantees people of all religion...and not without it. Both are very thinly justifiable for a violation of constitution through lots of twist and turn of laws. Even that doesn't demand a ban of the party. Their part constitution can be amended with a clause of "subject to approval by the parliament and referendum" for incorporating changes in the national constitution.

So, lets not act on anticipation. Let the people have their choice. Rather make it tough to change constitution and involve people before any whole sale change of the constitution. Even I'm sacred of Awami or BNP or JP changing constitution so easily with mere 2/3 party majority, without the involvement or approval of the people.

I have problem, with the floor crossing ban in the parliament. If lawmakers can't vote against the party on any issue then it's no democracy and why we need so many lawmakers? One party representative should be enough!!

There are many more important things to do to strengthen the democracy, than running after Jamat... I'm tired of Awami politics of hate now... give it a break please.

You seem confused... anyways please read the posts by Navo where he clearly states what the constitution of BD allows... There is a reason parties like "Huji", "Hijbut tahrir" are banned... if we go by your principal than none should be banned ...

And just to be clear, by founding fathers, I never meant 1 person......

Personally I hate Jamat and it baffles me how the perpetrators of genocide against a nation is allowed to hang the flag of that same nation in their cars... I am disgusted by it and it is unfortunate that not everyone (including u) feels that way...

Lastly my post was not meant to single out Jamat but ALL religious parties (I am also sure God did not want people to conduct politics in his name)...
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