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Originally Posted by Murad
And who are those 5 special bowlers you are talking about? I see Enamul, Sunny, Mosharaf(missed 1 game), Shuvo, Sanjamul, Arafat all played 5 or more games. Only Sajib played 3 games.

I don't see any great SLA missing the games.

Fielder ra to catch dorar jonnei mathe thake naki? It's a team game or one man game? Bowler bowl o korbe abar doraiya catch o dorbe then tokhoni she ekjon bhalo bowler hobe tai na?

And I didn't even compare him with any other bowlers in my first post. I compared him with his other team mate Nasir. Nasir is the most run scorer and Razzak is the highest wicket taker in his team.
Oh you meant BPL!!
Anyways, the stats are there, please check the economy rate...

To be really frank, I never post anything based on stats, I post based on how I see things. I think Sanjamul and monir hossain are very crafty SLA, they are not scared to flight the ball and also gets prodigious turns at times. Arafat I think has the best arm ball although he is clearly struggling... Enamul Jr is not for ODI's or T20's but he is a good prospect for test matches...Saqlain Sajib and Mosharraf are probably the most suited ODI/T20 bowlers now..

Sometimes the credit for wickets are deserved more by the fielders than bowlers, that was just one such instance...
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