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We seriously need to consider increasing our seating capacity or/and build a mega stadium(s) 40,000+ ones because of the number of fans. That way you can set ticket prices domestically or internationally as cheap as possible and because of the large capacity, still make more than 5x the amount of ticket revenues. More people more money! also should plan to host matches in Syhlet another place where fans will flock in but other factors need to be in consideration like very good accommodation and facilities. You want to satisfy your foreign guests and make sure hotels are in top condition ideally 4/5* ones. If our board can be more professional then Cricket will just thrive in the country.

Also it would be ideal to give some renovation work (make up) to Aziz Stadium and think of holding both Football and Cricket matches together in the future because the stadium looks good and is in the centre of Chittagong where so many people are able to come.
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