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Players get chosen not really for their cricketing ability but more for their marketability. Who will draw in more crowds? Unfortunately, even if many of the Bangladeshi players maybe far better than many of the foreign recruits in the IPL, the natives really do not know much about our players.

Have you not seen the surprise (and disbelief) with which so many Indians react with when one tells them Shakib is a #1 world all-rounder and a match winner or Tamim is a world class batsman in his own right, not to even speak of our bushel full of mesmerizing SLAs and other spinners. And the franchise owners themselves are a microcosm of the native perceptions. It's Nasir who?

They would, unfortunately, rather see (or hire) a Tom, Dick, and Hariharan over a Tamim, Dickens, or Hasan.

We are not sexy. Not much of a marketing draw. Yet.
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