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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
Luke Wright is one of the better t20 batsmen going around and now ur calling him crap?
Agree with you that he is effective in the game..but I think comparing/relating anything of Luke with Shabbir is a bit of jumbled opinion. Technique, Style, Quality wise if shabbir is to be compared...then I would compare with him someone like Du Plesis or even Samuel in their early carriers. Ofcourse, the experience changes/perfects a player.

Originally Posted by shakibrulz
What's wrong with femininity? Sexist much bro? Luke right has good build. And plenty of 'feminine' looking players are real good in T20s - de Kock, David Miller, Steve Smith etc. pops to mind.

He's played some real good innings in BBL etc. - improved leaps and bounds since his bits and pieces days. And IIRC he has hit a monstrous six in BPL too.
bro I don't think it can be a sexist remark! I like women! but I don't like men in women clothing or vice versa! Same time, I am not blaming or saying there is something wrong with Luke being how he is (if it is something involuntary). To me, femininity of a man should be "caring/loving" etc! It should NOT be in postures/mobility!

and they are real good in t/20? who did you compare with? De villers/gayle/ Clarke/Samuel/Bravo/Petersen/Kohli/Akmals/Shakib/Mushfiq/Nasir/Dilshan/Dhoni/Jamshed/Ross taylor/McCullam/Hussy's/Whites/Azhar/watson/kallis ? any of them? or the English ladies team?

The point is,
- Luke is a lot of Flukes than class but effective. (Maybe coz' he gets lucky). But watching him play is pain, as it is not attractive or interesting in any way. Always looks nervous.
- Milon is effective, nothing of class, good against SLA'S Medium Pacers, hence vulnerable against quality opposition. Watching him play more interesting than Luke atleast. Looks less nervous than Luke.
- Shabbir, A lot of class, good against pacers and spinners, effective more than milon, hence more chance of being successful against quality opposition. Watching him play is like watching Nasir building a partnership or Shabbir himself knocking out Afghanistan. I.e, Authority and Class! He has no nerves! (I might sound bias but we all saw him play)
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