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Originally Posted by Isnaad
Well, I don't see anything wrong with a 50-performing-Shezda to be honest. He's not giving up after a 50. He's just expressing his gratitude after reaching a milestone.
Jahurul may not be as talented as many others in the team but he has shown signs of capability. He deserves to be in the National team's radar if not the National team itself. Bench strength matters quite a lot.

Exactly (for both Bold comments). Unlike Test and ODI, quick 50 (i.e. with SR 140+)is actually someting to celebrate, specially for a player who is trying to get back in the national team....its not that he already a superstar yet.... he is trying his best to come back in the limelight and these 50s are helping his cause... so oits okj form him to celebrate however he wants.
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