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Originally Posted by Rabz
You dont ban Dorimon, you just need to ban the hindi version of it.
Just ban the transmission of hindi version of English channels, including Cartoon Network.
Despite how much we raise a hue and cry about hindi dubbed channels taking over our cable tv, the fact is that we Bangladeshi consumers of cable TV are no longer interested in watching the English Cartoon Network, or English speaking Channel V Asia or MTV Asia or HBO or Star Sports for that matter ~ we like our TV in Hindi dubbing with Hindi speaking presenters.

We dont want English in our TV watching lives! The cable operators only cater to that need. Go to any mofussul shohor, or my gramer bari, and you'll see that only Hindi and Bangla channels are broadcast. So why complain about Cartoon Network dubbed in Hindi, when its okay to watch Star Sports or Doordarshan sports in Hindi?
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