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T/20 & ODI'S
Jahurul <> (If under performs, get Naeem/Nafees for test)
Anamul <> (If under performs, get Naeem/Nafees for test)
Shabbir <> (Mominul for test)
Mashrafee <> (Abul?/Rubel/ Nazmul for test)

Other members: Abdur-Razzak, Abul, Mominul, Naeem, Nafees, Nazmul, Rubel.

For Test..
Substitute Shabbir with Mominul or Abdur Razzak
Substitute Mashrafee with Nazmul/Rubel

And if Anamul or Jahurul under-performs..substitute with Naeem or Nafees!

Finally I can say...
There will be no SHAHADAT! NO JUNAID SIDDIQ, NO ASHRAFUL in the tour!

but as always.... the whim for a 'INJURY LESS, GENUINE FAST BOWLER WITH LINE AND LENGHT ACCURATE" still remains

If Srilanka can get someone like Kulasekara...why can't we get one (even a Kulasekara standard) from such great population power we have! Our fast bowlers shambles the term "SPEED"! heck we don't even need a speed camera to count their speed most of the time!
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