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Originally Posted by Tiger444
Sorry but I'd rather have a proper batsman like Riyad over a slogger like Milon. Just because he's got "power" doesn't mean he'll be good in T20's. He lacks shots in his armory which will get him in trouble against international attacks. Just look at how Zia has turned out and you'll see where power has gotten him. Milon could be better than Zia but I still don't have much confidence in him. True Riyad has underperformed in this format but I know he has it in him to perform. Didn't we say not too long ago that he should just play Tests? Now look at how well he played against WI. So lets stick with Riyad rather than going for a slogger lie Milon.
Where in my post I said I want Milon in place of Riyad?

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