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Chronology of reactions I have heard from some Pakistani fans

Cancellation of our tour to Pakistan over security reasons
i) You betrayed us by promising to tour and then not honoring it. We don't care if bombs go off every
week and people die! a man's word is a man's word!!

After waiting till the last moment to cancel on BPL
ii) haha justice served... you tricked us by not touring and now this is the price you pay for it! take that!!

After BPL found replacement players quickly despite all the problems
iii) Who cares about BPL organized by a minnow board and comprised of mediocre players. It will not succeed without the stars from pakistan

After BPL gains attention pays decent amount of money and delivers good games
iv) Country's honor comes first, who cares about BPL money! we have PSL which will pay millions more just wait and see!

After PSL is cancelled
v) its okay BPL wouldn't have paid the players anyways... it's better to watch the test series
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