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Default Bangla Romantic Songs!

All you lazy bangaali guys of banglacricket, iGenius is in rescue. Valentine's day is one day away and this thread intends to make this difficult day a little easier for you. We have to all work together in this however. We have to create an illusion that we care even though in reality we probably don't give a $***.

So guys, let's pretend, lets give our misses and mistresses all the fake attention that they dream of..... We all know what they want... they want a different man. But we can't give them that unfortunately...only because it's against our religion and I am a religious man. so let's pretend to be the man they think they want.... let's make them feel good about themselves... yes all of them.... even though in reality I rather be with my neighbor's daughter.

Let's start with song collection: I want bangla romantic songs listed here with youtube links. I don't care if you Miss is a foreigner, it has to be a song that's gonna move even a deaf person....

More about how to make this day more fake will be discussed later.. but for now...i will start

Please choose only one song and choose one that will give tingling sensations....
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