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Originally posted by FaltuRidwanBhai
even though being the most popular sites among all the cricket websites and even though being an international site it is very unfortunate that crickinfo is a one sided site. which is full of propaganda polls. the quality is seriously low. it should have been more neutral.
On the other hand... if u look from a completely different point of view, then these sites are doing a commendable job very successfully! so?!
You will get the point if u just take it as a fact that these sites are very very much centered on their own home-nations and the prime goal of them is to uplift the 'Media-Image' of themselves... take care of the media world of cricket, by any possible means, be it undermining all the opponents, amplifying their own home nation's microscopic success into something like a mountain... bla bla...

Well.. they are doing it with high degree of reputation and success... rn't they?

So the reality is.. like every other cricket nations, we will some day need to stand up with our 'Media-Power' as well just to take care of these. But that is after our Teams starts doing consistantly better. So stay on track people... we will need all our keyboard-power (yes, thats what these sites are showing us now!) as well some day!
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