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Ryiad's SR in ODI is soo low (40.86) , I didn't realized that. Most of the TEST players have better SR than that. With this kind of SR, he will take out all the air from the team's lungs.

How Aftab Ahmed sneaked into the list? He players 3 ODI in last 3 years? I thought he stopped playing for last 5 years.

What is Naeem's record in TEST? if anywhere, that's where he fits right now.

Ashraful has a 62.28 SR for ODI? Thats also a surprise. What a transformation from past. Now neithe he can score, nor can he keep a good SR.

Surprised at jahirul's SR 62.85 also. I thought he wquld be in the upeer 70 range.

Surprisingly Junaid has the right SR for the right format of the game.
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