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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Yeah $100 won't do anything at all. I think after 2 seasons of BPL you have some relationships/understandings with the corporate world of Bangladesh. DG had so many sponsors -- BanglaLion, Scan Cement, Anjans, Channel 24, Radio Foorti, Matador etc. These are all somewhat big companies. I think if you pitch your idea to them they might invest.

3-4 lakh dollars is a lot of money. Public contribution from BC and elsewhere won't come anywhere close to that number.
Bhai, I have been speaking to companies and people since I arrived in BD on September 2010 and realised there was no Pace Academy.

I am aware that contributions of $50 here and there will not cut it. There might be a business who donates a large sum of course.

There are 100s of wealthy businesses in BD who could help. It seems I am the lone voice though in trying to make something happen. So rather than advise me what to do, why doesn't someone actually help?
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