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Originally Posted by FaHiMa
That's too bad, cause if it had worked out, you could've been married to her by now lol
Shobi kopal !!!

When i was deeply in love with her (secretly though), i came to know that she had a bf already. And that bf was a friend of my friends. So, could not even tell my friends about her. So, i decided not to tell anyone but somehow i always felt that, that girl was interested in me. But i thought i was wrong. Couple of months later, when we graduated and started our professional life, i found out that she was having a rough patch with her bf and eventually they broke up. Few months later, she married to one of her colleagues. Now, i realize i wasn't wrong at that time but i was clueless about her relationship with that boy. Believe me it was too complicated than it sounds now. This incident happened in 2005 when we did not have Facebook, Twitter thing. Life was not that easy as it is now. We were much conservative than today's polapain !
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